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Vinglace Bottle Chiller

Elegant powder coated, double walled stainless steel bottle holder will keep your wine bottle chilled for hours...if it actually takes you that long to finish a bottle!

Retail $89.95 | 20% off for Bacchus Club Members


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Fits all standard wine & Champagne bottles

Vinglacé products keep your beverages cold for hours. No need for ice, stainless steel canteens, or bottle wraps. Just bring your chilled bottle and Vinglacé does the rest.

Unscrew the adjustable top and insert your chilled bottle of wine or champagne, screw the top back on, and enjoy your wine at the perfect temperature for hours. Vinglacé is lightweight, and allows you to enjoy your wine from the first to last pour.

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Retail $89.95 | 20% off for Bacchus Club Members

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